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MMCloud + Sentieon
WaveRider for Sentieon solution

Delivers the world’s fastest
& most efficient NGS solution

on Public Cloud

“ We have been impressed by the performance of the WaveRider for Sentieon solution. Early testing shows 4-5x speed-ups out-of-the-box and we expect to improve the results as we fine tune the solution. Faster processing coupled with leveraging spot instances is dramatically lowering our cloud cost too, This solution enables us to complete our NGS runs more efficiently than ever and will help elevate our research to a new level.”
- Remco Ursem, Program Leader of Bioinformatics, HZPC Research.
Bioinformaticians’ Challenges
Running Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) in the Cloud can be challenging:
  • NGS workloads, such as GATK, BWA-MEM, Picard require very long running time
  • Running long and resource-intensive workloads on the cloud is extremely costly
  • Managing Cloud is complex and has steep learning curve
MMCloud WaveRider for Sentieon Solution
  • ACCELERATES NGS workloads by 10x compared to Open Source software
  • REDUCES Cloud Cost by order of Magnitude
  • AUTOMATES deployment workloads in the Cloud
MMCloud WaveRider for Sentieon solution provides drop-in replacement for GATK, BWA-MEM, STAR, Minimap2, Mutect2, and large cohort joint calling to do:
BAM Process
Germline Variant Calling
Somatic Variant Calling
RNA Variant Calling
VCF Filtering
Long Reads
QC Statistics
WaveRider for Sentieon solution is easy to use:
  • 1Deploy MMCloud15~30 min
  • 2Choose Sentieon pipeline script or provide your own script
  • 3Launch Sentieon workload via MMCloud1 min
WaveRider for Sentieon Benchmark Results
Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) Benchmark:
Baseline: Sentieon on AWS using On-demand instancevsWaveRider for Sentieon using On-demand instances
Benchmark Details
WaveRider for Sentieon - WaveWatcher Screenshots