JuiceFlow: A Next-Generation Solution for Nextflow Pipelines in the Cloud

Cloud Automation for
Scientific Computing

Powerful and intuitive container orchestration platform for running data-intensive pipelines and interactive computing applications in the cloud. Safely run on Spot compute, automatically rightsize cloud resources, save cloud costs.

Save cloud costs by 60% guaranteed.
MemVerge and Sentieon Announce WaveRider for Sentieon to
Accelerate Next-Generation Sequencing in the Cloud!
Designed for
Bioinformaticians & Data Scientists
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integrating Memory Machine Cloud into their daily work bench
Reduced batch failure rates to ZERO, even when running on Spot EC2.
Save cloud costs by 91%.
Surfed cloud resources during BLAST job runtime.
Save cloud costs by 91%.Job finished 36% faster.
Add the power of Memory Machine to your workflows. Our nf-float is in the Nextflow Plugins index.
Easily Deploy Jupyter and Improve Performance and Cost Less DevOps / MLOps, more coding / training
WaveRider picks the most appropriate VM type for each of the thousands of jobs launched by NextFlow. That is giving me more efficiency than ever. Very cool.
– Vince Pagano, Senior Scientific Programmer, TGen
Automate Workflow Execution
Automated Spot Checkpoint and Recovery Service
Right-size Cloud Resources at Runtime
Automate Workflow Execution
MMCloud Pro
Special pricing is available to Higher-Ed & Non-profit customers
Free Trial
  • Float cloud automation platform
  • Cloud resource management
  • Job management
  • Public/Private application library
  • Cloud cost analysis
  • WaveWatcher
  • AppCapsule++
  • SpotSurfer
  • WaveRider
  • Gateway Service
  • Unlimited users
  • Dedicated support
*Up to 5000 core-hours/month of Sentieon License
MMCloud Enterprise
Tailored Pricing
Save even more when you scale
  • Includes all the features in Pro
  • Professional Services
  • Custom SLAs
  • Volume Based Discounts
  • Designed for large scale users
  • Dedicated support
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