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Join MemVerge at
Nextflow Summit Boston!
The MemVerge team is attending our first Boston Nextflow Summit!
We want to meet as many attendees as we can, as we look to be a core part of the Nextflow community.
Debuting at Nextflow Boston
Introducing nf-float, a new Nextflow plugin that runs your pipeline on the cloud for 70% less cost without sacrificing performance or reliability
Support for multiple file systems to help optimize the performance and speed of executing Nextflow pipelines on AWS
Coming soon: Surf Zone , where Nextflow pipeline execution meets real-time cost management automation
Bioinformatics Pipelines on
MMCloud vs AWS Batch
Cost Savings
MMCloud outperforms AWS Batch in cost-effectiveness for both OnDemand and Spot instances for nf-core/atacseq, rnaseq, and sarek.
Efficiency Boost
MMCloud demonstrated fewer billable CPU hours across all pipelines, indicating superior efficiency.
Speedy Processing
Wall-time results are competitive, with MMCloud showcasing impressive speeds.
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Pay us a visit and we’ll help you get Nextflow up and running with MMCloud more quickly.

Plus, get your stamp for the Seqera passport program to win an Amazon gift card.

Catch Our Barcelona Summit Presentation

Check out our 15-minute presentation on Bioinformatics At The Speed of Cloud: Revolutionizing Genomics with Nextflow and MMCloud. Learn how MMCloud allows you to safely run on Spot compute, while saving cloud costs.

Cloud Automation for Scientific Computing
MMCloud is a powerful and intuitive container orchestration platform for
running data-intensive pipelines and interactive computing applications in the cloud.
Safely run on Spot compute, automatically rightsize cloud resources, and save cloud costs.